"The only reason I'm alive is to uplift and serve."

Dr Joe Marshalla

After his several death experiences Dr Joe brings some important insights on LOVE, Union, Purpose of Life & Mind Control | Live Skype

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Repeatlessness: a life of living each moment as new



"What's Love?..if I get into a relationship and say..HEY PERCILLA, I LOVE YOU. It is actually impossible for me to love her.. 

Really, what happens is that IN HER PRESENCE I allow out of myself, OR I ALIGN MYSELF WITH that which is LOVE. But she is not causing it"


REPEATLESSNESS: A Life of Living Each Moment as New

This book was chosen by Spirit Science as one of the Top 5 Spiritual Books That Will Change Your Perspective of Reality.


"The only reason I'm alive is to uplift and serve."

After many years of contemplating my several death experiences, I came to ask myself these two questions:
     "Why are we here?" - and -
     "What function do Humans serve here on the planet?"


Science, Philosopy & Religions integrated

Dr Marshalla integrates various fields into one unified approach. A body of work that welcomes it all:



Embraced by 20 million people world wide

Endorsed by - Ram Dass

Dr. Wayne Dyer - Jack Canfield

Dr. John Demartini - Harold Bloomfield MD




about Dr Joe Marshalla:

Joe creates such a safe place of “Us-ness” that anyone can contemplate and reconsider their relationship to reality fresh and new. He is such a blessing

Willam Grant Ph.D.

..truly a living genius walking among us on the planet today. He showed me how to take a lifetime of failure and regret and totally transform my life. ..

Harold Bloomfield, MD

Dr. Joe Marshalla is truly a Master Assimilator. His ability to synthesize so many modalities into a clear, concise, useful, practical and powerful set of tools is uncanny. In my 40 years as a psychiatrist, I have never seen anything like it. 

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