Dr Joe Marshalla | Repeatlessness | 2018 Conscious Concert Ireland


"The only reason I'm alive is to uplift and serve."

Dr Joe Marshalla

After his several death experiences Dr Joe brings some important insights on LOVE, Union, Purpose of Life & Mind Control | Live Skype

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Repeatlessness: a life of living each moment as new



"What's Love?..if I get into a relationship and say..HEY PERCILLA, I LOVE YOU. It is actually impossible for me to love her.. 

Really, what happens is that IN HER PRESENCE I allow out of myself, OR I ALIGN MYSELF WITH that which is LOVE. But she is not causing it"


REPEATLESSNESS: A Life of Living Each Moment as New

This book was chosen by Spirit Science as one of the Top 5 Spiritual Books That Will Change Your Perspective of Reality.


"The only reason I'm alive is to uplift and serve."

After many years of contemplating my several death experiences, I came to ask myself these two questions:
     "Why are we here?" - and -
     "What function do Humans serve here on the planet?"


Science, Philosopy & Religions integrated

Dr Marshalla integrates various fields into one unified approach. A body of work that welcomes it all:



Embraced by 20 million people world wide

Endorsed by - Ram Dass

Dr. Wayne Dyer - Jack Canfield

Dr. John Demartini - Harold Bloomfield MD




about Dr Joe Marshalla:

Joe creates such a safe place of “Us-ness” that anyone can contemplate and reconsider their relationship to reality fresh and new. He is such a blessing

Willam Grant Ph.D.

..truly a living genius walking among us on the planet today. He showed me how to take a lifetime of failure and regret and totally transform my life. ..

Harold Bloomfield, MD

Dr. Joe Marshalla is truly a Master Assimilator. His ability to synthesize so many modalities into a clear, concise, useful, practical and powerful set of tools is uncanny. In my 40 years as a psychiatrist, I have never seen anything like it. 

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