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Thank you, dear Universe, for bringing us all together on this Earth:

Whoever you are and whatever draws you in -




Serendipity path-walkers & new Earth dream-weavers, Creative soul artists & visionaries,
business mavericks & whispering change-makers, silent monks & simple kind-hearted humans of this land: 

All are welcome to this event of consciousness and love.




Timetable Sun 11.11.2018:

1300-1400 Opening: Chocolate Mandala Making & Chanting with Corina, Fiona, Felicity, Sinead  (fruit, chocolates, flowers welcome)


1430-1630 Chloe Goodchild & Wayne Sheehy (Naked Voice: song, movement, group immersion)

1730-1930 Biodanza with Nataraj 

2030-2130 Dr Joe Marshalla


Finding your true voice (anchoring self-confidence).

Chloe will empower us to re-discover our own voices, in spontaneous ways & in group interactive experimentations Read more>>

2-irish-musician-wayne-p- sheehy-with-na

Wayne will be accompanying Chloe. He has toured and recorded and occasionally still plays with Rolling Stone's Ron Wood & accompanied many “legends ” of rock and roll” including Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Lane, Art Neville, Bobby Womack Read more>>


"Biodanza for me is an amazing tool to open enough space within to realize that we are infinite beings." Read more>>


After his several death experiences Dr Joe brings some awesome insights on self-mastery, love, Union, Purpose of Life & Mind control

[Joe will join us via live skype]

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