Winter Solstice overnight Experience | Newgrange Dowth

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Thank you, dear Universe, for bringing us all together on this Earth:

Whoever you are and whatever draws you in -




Serendipity path-walkers & new Earth dream-weavers, Creative soul artists & visionaries,
business mavericks & whispering change-makers, silent monks & simple kind-hearted humans of this land: 

All are welcome to this event of consciousness and love.





After his several death experiences Dr Joe brings some important insights on LOVE, Union & Purpose of Life [live skype] 

Repeatedlessness | Embraced by 20 million people worldwide

Dr Joe Marshalla

Chloe will empower us to re-discover our own voices, in spontaneous ways & in group interactive experimentations

Naked Voice | BBC | Grammy nominated

Chloe Goodchild

"Biodanza for me is an amazing tool to open enough space within to realize that we are infinite beings."


Nataraj Garcia

 A beautiful marriage of music, mantras, and insights from Vedic & Yogic traditions.

Heartsong | Bhakti | Boul Mystics

Satyadev Barman


This year's Conscious Concert THEME is SERENDIPITY.  Delighted to provide the space for amazing humans to meet each other, connect, be still, dance, love, sing, share your art & your medicine.


There will be the main concert experience (immersive adventure), with some playful networking (getting our body intelligence to guide us to the precise person we meant to meet & connect with),


followed by some stillness & for those of us who are off on Monday - join the 5 Year Anniversary after-party dance-off. (Use the site chat-box to send us your favorite tunes).


Bring flyers/business cards for your events, practices, therapies & all other expressions of the creative geniuses you've been germinating all these years. Your music of the soul, your hidden gems - this is what we've all been waiting for, here on this planet Earth.

Whatever your ripening stage is - NOW is the moment.

Time to seed our Dreams! Co-create the world you & i want to live in. Together



 One sunny day, Spring 2013 three of us got in a van and as it started moving, a dream-seed was born: Hey, wouldn't it be cool to ....continue reading here >>





FREE PARKING @ Griffith Conference CentreGriffith College, Dublin 8, Ireland,