Thank you, dear Universe, for bringing us all together on this Earth:

Whoever you are and whatever draws you in -




Serendipity path-walkers & new Earth dream-weavers, Creative soul artists & visionaries,
business mavericks & whispering change-makers, silent monks & simple kind-hearted humans of this land: 

All are welcome to this event of consciousness and love.





Dr Joe Marshalla

Repeatedlessness | Embraced by 20 million people worldwide

After his several death experiences Dr Joe brings some important insights on LOVE, Union & Purpose of Life [live skype] 

Chloe Goodchild

Naked Voice | BBC | Grammy nominated

Chloe will empower us to re-discover our own voices, in spontaneous ways & in group interactive experimentations

Nataraj Garcia


"Biodanza for me is an amazing tool to open enough space within to realize that we are infinite beings."

Satyadev Barman

Heartsong | Bhakti | Boul Mystics

 A beautiful marriage of music, mantras, and insights from Vedic & Yogic traditions.


This year's Conscious Concert THEME is SERENDIPITY.  Delighted to provide the space for amazing humans to meet each other, connect, be still, dance, love, sing, share your art & your medicine.


There will be the main concert experience (immersive adventure), with some playful networking (getting our body intelligence to guide us to the precise person we meant to meet & connect with),


followed by some stillness & for those of us who are off on Monday - join the 5 Year Anniversary after-party dance-off. (Use the site chat-box to send us your favorite tunes).


Bring flyers/business cards for your events, practices, therapies & all other expressions of the creative geniuses you've been germinating all these years. Your music of the soul, your hidden gems - this is what we've all been waiting for, here on this planet Earth.

Whatever your ripening stage is - NOW is the moment.

Time to seed our Dreams! Co-create the world you & i want to live in. Together



 One sunny day, Spring 2013 three of us got in a van and as it started moving, a dream-seed was born: Hey, wouldn't it be cool to ....continue reading here >>



2018 SERENDIPITY Conscious Concert Ireland
Thank you, dear Universe, for bringing us all together on this Earth: Whoever you are and whatever draws you in - WELCOME HOME.
Nov 11, 2018, 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Griffith Conference Centre, Dublin 8, DO8 VO4N, Ireland


FREE PARKING @ Griffith Conference CentreGriffith College, Dublin 8, Ireland, 



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